Personal Consultation

Crating Technologies Custom Crate Design Consultation

Our experts can meet with you to review your objectives and needs and will assist you in making the best decision to ensure your cargo gets to its destination safely.

During the consultation, multiple considerations are addressed. The practical intended future use of the crate is discussed as it could be a one-time use product or possibly be designed to be a reusable product.

It could be intended for storage, transit or both and be used for local, continental U.S. or international transport.

Additionally, the method of transportation can influence the design features as ground by truck, ground by train, air, or sea each require considerations to be addressed.

Other factors that may influence the design of your crate:

  1. Weight, size, and fragility of your cargo or piece to crate.
  2. Will the crating system be used for a single or multiple trips?
  3. Shipping destination. Will there be need of forklift or pallet jack? Is the crate(s) recipient on ground level or dock high to receive?
  4. Transportation method. (air, land, or sea)
  5. International travel. All lumber used in your crate construction is HT stamped meeting the ISPM-15 requirements for International shipping.

Call Crating Technologies to provide you with a quality crating system suited to your specific needs. We can also use your existing design to produce a custom crating/packing solution.

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