Facilities Relocation

Your Relocation Partner

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Whether you are closing or relocating a facility, relocating a production line, or need to move a piece of equipment to a new location, Crating Technologies is the partner that will ensure that the process goes smoothly. We design and build custom crates that ensure your equipment reaches its destination safely.

Facility Relocation

Our facilities relocation experts partner with you to meet expectations and priorities and define the level of service and scheduling you require. We can provide a complete turn-key facility relocation service, or crate one machine for safe shipping locally or overseas.

Production Line Relocation

Scheduling is a primary factor in the relocation process. When relocating a production line or assembly line to a new space, logistics are critical in a successful move. Our years of experience in packing and crating for a relocation of this nature is available to you as oftentimes, this type of relocation is quite complex.

Equipment Relocation

We can also vacuum pack or heat shrink your equipment to ensure that there is no damage during transport and or during storage time — due to moisture or the effects of sea air during ocean transportation. We make military-grade vapor barrier bags that are vacuum sealed on site and include desiccant to eliminate any moisture that could be trapped inside the bag during the packing process. Additionally, we offer industrial grade 9 mil heat shrink wrap with the support team to apply to your equipment at your location.

Call us with your Facilities Relocation requirements and put our experience to work for you!

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