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Cradling Your Cargo

This is where Crating Technologies shines! It is our opportunity to give your product the final, careful treatment it deserves as it journeys towards its destination. It is the difference between just getting it delivered and having it arrive in mint condition. It is the attention to these details where Crating Technologies can provide expert service and results.

• Vapor Barrier Bag:

If you are planning on sending your cargo as ocean freight or putting in long-term storage, a vapor barrier bag is a good idea to protect from corrosion caused by moisture and dust.

Our team comes to you with a custom fitted bag, desiccant packs, and an iron to vacuum seal your cargo.

• Plastic Lining:

6 mil plastic lining can be used to drape your equipment or line the inside of a crate for added protection against outside elements.

Stretch wrap can be used to protect from dust and restrict movement of accessories during transit.

• Foam Lining:

Foam lining of various density and type are offered and applied based on your products shape, weight and fragility.

• Partitions, Shelves and Drawers:

These are an integral part of the interior of your crate providing you with easy access to the multiple pieces forming your load and maximizing the protection of the individual pieces during transport. Your custom design will be determined by your specific situation and objectives, the number of pieces forming the load, the size, weight, fragility and packaging of the various pieces, and the use of the crate or pallet.

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