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Function is Primary

Engineering a quality crate does not only pertain to the crate structure or customized features. It is also important that the crate is designed to be easy to use, move, pack, unpack and store in a variety of conditions. It requires expertise in the crating industry and a history of logistical and practical solutions to a myriad of circumstances.

• External Ramps:

Ramps allow you to easily move large equipment on caster in and out of crate in an effortless fashion.

• External Doors:

Doors designed into the crate can include access with the use of simple tools, or no tools at all. This allows for ease when entering and exiting crate frequently.

• Reinforced Corners, Gussets:

These are used to strengthen the joints of the crate. They are usually made of plywood, or metal.

• Heat Shrink:

Available to ensure that your items are not damaged during storage or transportation due to outside elements. We use industry grade heat shrink material which is applied with heating elements on site to custom fit your product.

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