Custom Base Type

Crate Base Custom Options

The base/deck of crates and pallets can have different configurations, based on the load to carry, the load distribution, and the best way to secure the load for transport.

• Full Base:

Deck boards are used throughout the base with no spacing between lumber. Boards used are 2x4s and 2x6s to accommodate weight of equipment.

• Full Base with Plywood:

Full base with a fitted piece of plywood on top of deck boards to help distribute the weight of large loads throughout the base.

• Half Deck:

Half decks are used to transport lighter weight equipment by leaving spaces between deck boards. This option saves on materials and transportation costs.

• Half Deck with Plywood:

Half deck, with a fitted piece of plywood on top of the deck boards ensures freight can be set and secured on a flat surface.

• Cleated Plywood Base:

Plywood base is framed with lumber adding structural support. This base can be used for loads 500 lbs. or less.

• Plywood Only:

Lightly constructed plywood base with risers to assist in movement of petite equipment.

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