Custom Design Options

Customizing Is Key

We engineer, design, and build custom crating systems to suit your specific needs and to best protect your cargo. A crating system is a custom configuration designed to keep your cargo safe, while fulfilling your specific needs.

• Custom Base Type

The base/deck of crates and pallets can have different configurations, based on the load to carry, the load distribution. Crating Technologies builds the crate/deck bases to accommodate the weight of your equipment’s needs.

• Construction Variations

All variables are taken into consideration when designing a custom crate. The variables can include fork-lift / pallet jack access, side load or end load to accommodate your transportation, and storage and shipping space available. These variables can determine the profile of the crate walls, base and risers.

• Risers’ Profile

Risers can be designed to accommodate load, absorb shock and/or vibration to protect cargo. Risers are also created to allow space for fork-lift and/or pallet jack access. Multiple designs are available to meet your needs.

• Internal Options

Internal accommodations can be designed into each crate to protect equipment and organize your cargo. Multiple internal options are available.

• External Options

External features can be designed into each crate to provide strength, structural integrity and protection of the crated/decked equipment. Various external options are available.

• Custom Hardware

Custom hardware is added to a crate design oftentimes for ease of access into the crate, safety, or for securing the product within the crate. Multiple accessories are available.

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