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Production Crates

We work with you to design the best production crating system to suit your needs. We can also use your existing design to build and inventory your crates.

Production crates are used based on your production flow schedule. They are typically high volume items, which need to be delivered to your facility at regular intervals, just-in-time to support your production needs.

Custom Reusable Crates

Reusable crating systems are built to be used multiple times. Depending on your situation, it may be cost efficient to use the same crating system repeatedly. This cost efficient program is designed to save the client money over the course of the life of the crate. Engineering a suitable design for this has become very popular with manufacturers that produce large quantities of a single product. Crating Technologies’ quality build reinforces repeated crate use.

Custom Crate Construction to Client Specifications

We engineer, design and build custom crating systems to suit your specific needs and to best protect your cargo. Your product may require a complex set of custom holding brackets installed inside a crate. A personal consultation provides an opportunity to fully evaluate the requirements. Design recommendations including securing options are considered and a firm quote is provided.

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