1985, Boulder Shipping Services started as a small packaging and shipping storefront. The first crating job was when Sperry Univac and Burroughs merged to one company and had a need for crating services. They called on Boulder Shipping Services, and the first of many crates were designed and built.

Opportunities to satisfy a very practical business need in the Boulder-Longmont area increased as the manufacturing and technology industries blossomed all along the front range of Colorado.


Boulder Shipping Services flourished. Soon, the business outgrew the space in Boulder, and a more suitable space was found in Longmont, Colorado.

It was during this relocation that the new business name of Crating Technologies was established. Since the company no longer provided shipping services and focused on building crates and pallets, the company name needed to reflect more accurately the business profile.

In keeping with this fast pace, the company supported a growing team which included Sam Ortiz who was hired in 1998 as a crate builder. Sam advanced through the company and now oversees all on-site projects and the teams that service these projects.


In 2004, Kerry Williams was brought on by Crating Technologies as a salesperson in Denver. In order for Crating Technologies to effectively serve her client base in Denver, it was necessary to open a second facility. In September of 2005, the new office was established and Kerry provided the Denver operation with solid business management, oversight, and sales.


The two successful locations employed 23 people in total, all working to serve the crating needs of businesses along the Front Range. Soon thereafter, Cratek Supply Company was acquired as a partner in providing supplemental packing materials for client requests.

Cratek Supply Company provides a full line of shipping supplies and can be found on the web at www.crateksupply.com.

In 2015, Justin Adams was hired to assist in the customer service and the development of a stronger northern area sales base.


In 2016, the companies Crating Technologies and Cratek Supply were acquired by Kerry Williams, Sam Ortiz, and Justin Adams. Crating Technologies and Cratek Supply specializes in custom crating, on-site packaging services, facility moving and equipment rigging with all materials certified for international export and packaging supplies for all customer and business needs.

The new ownership has ensured the longevity and vitality of Crating Technologies.

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